Yoga and Astronomy might sound like unusual companions, but for me they are one and the same. One is an exploration out into the vastness to search for answers like Who Am I? Why Am I Here? What is the Truth of Existence?  and the other is an inner exploration driven by that same desire for self-discovery.

You can find me at least once a week on where I share stories of the constellations as we look through online telescopes at stars, galaxies and planets. For me, hearing the myths of the star patterns not only helps me to better navigate the night sky, but also puts me in touch with thousands of years of human story.

I also teach yogastronomy - which is a just a cute way of saying "a yoga class taught underneath the stars."

You'll find me at a few events in Brooklyn over 2019 including March 9th at Brooklyn Botanical Garden with astronomer Irene Pease.

Wishing you clear skies and a clear mind!