I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for six years in New York City at ABC Sanctuary and community gardens in Brooklyn and Manhattan, after qualifying as a Yoga Alliance teacher in 2012 with Prana Yoga (former Kripalu teachers Jeff Migdow and Priti Robyn Ross), and with Agama/Hridaya Yoga in 2010 and 2012.

Classes include pranayama, asana and meditation, with a balance of faster pace movement through sun salutations and vinyasa, with focused hatha yoga work honing in on specific postures and energy centers.

I have also taught at Wanderlust’s Stratton Mountain festival, and freelance for Wanderlust as a yoga and meditation writer.

Feel free to contact me about upcoming classes including astroyoga (yoga under the stars), nature-based yoga, or for private sessions.


After spending over two decades studying different forms of meditation, now my personal practice one of resting in consciousness or awareness, or practicing awareness watching awareness. These practices are taught by my beloved teachers Ramana Maharshi, Adyashanti and Mooji-baba, and I recommend visiting their sites.

I also would point anyone interested in learning more about non-dual teachings to Rupert Spira, Regina Dawn Akers, and Michael Langford. My ministry offers a three-week online course on meditation that I occasionally teach, and I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to deepen their meditation practice. I also offer one-on-one home classes.

Feel free to email me at for more information on any of the above.