You can find me every Sunday at 9pm EST on where I share stories of the constellations as we look through online telescopes at stars, galaxies and planets. For me, hearing the myths of the star patterns not only helps me to better navigate the night sky, but also puts me in touch with thousands of years of human story.

This star, for example, is Pollux – the immortal twin of Gemini  – the constellation that reminds us that we are both mortal and immortal. It’s a tale that has been told for thousands of years from the South Pacific to the Arctic, where the characters and their adventures change but the underlying story remains the same – a pair of inseparable beings that together are capable of divine actions.

It’s hard to feel disconnected when we realize how we have all been looking upwards and inwards for thousands of years, and using our subconscious to express an inner longing for a life lived deeply,  and love given freely.

Past shows can be found on Slooh’s Youtube page.