The Yamas & Niyamas have been the foundation of my spiritual path for a decade. The first two limbs of yoga, these 10 observances and guidances take us deep into contemplation of who we are, purifying the mind of thoughts and opinions, and loosening our grip on personal identity so that we may clear the way to uncover our True Nature.

I wrote a short summary tailored to yoga students for Wanderlust and provide the links here, but am working on a larger body of work on these much unsung teachings for non-dual students.

Ahimsa: Practicing Love in Action

Satya: Find Your Truth

Asteya: The Secret of Abundance

Brahmacharya: The Divine Nature of Desire

Aparigraha: Learning to Let Go

Saucha: Loving Our Whole Self

Santosha: Fall in Love With Life

Tapas: Find Your Inner Phoenix

Svadhyaya: Getting to Know Your True Self

Ishvara Pranidhana: Surrender to Love