Earth as Community

We are all made from the stardust of the same source, so quite literally we are all related. Thomas Berry was a cosmologist and earth scholar, who dedicated much of his life to inspiring humanity to look to the universe’s origins and consider a new creation story — one that is still happening, and one that takes into account the interconnectedness of all of Earth’s life, the Earth itself and the universe beyond. Here is an extract from his selected writings on how we are all community. This is not an idealogical dream, but rather a reality.

“Everything in the universe is genetically cousin to everything else. There is literally one family, one bonding, in the universe, because everything is descended from the same source.

On the planet Earth, all living beings are clearly derived from a single origin. We are literally born as a community; the trees, the bird and all living creatures are bonded together in a single community of life. This community is not something we dream up or think would be nice. Literally we are a single community.”