helenI’m a journalist, non-denominational minister, yoga teacher, and writer living in Brooklyn, New York, and this site is a collection of my writings – some of which you can find in their original form on the sites mentioned below.  

You can find me on online astronomy channel Slooh discussing our spiritual and mythic connection to the stars, sun and moon, where I post content in Illuminations and host the show Constellation Stories every Sunday at 9PM ET. 

I also write about spirituality and meditation on yoga site Wanderlust, and on similar themes for Penguin Random House’s Books for Better Living

In addition to my love for myth, cosmology and teachings of non-duality, I am passionate about social equality and our environment. I am grateful therefore to also write on social and environmental issues for business magazine, Euromoney.

Thank you for visiting my site. I welcome all feedback, and wish you a blessed journey into this Great Mystery.